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EBFA Next Meeting- Pre-Season

8-Sep-22 Garth Hill College, Bull Lane,  Bracknell, RG42 2AD 7:30pm



EBFA Policy - Respect / 2021/22 Respect Tables

Date Respect

Detailed below are Links to the 2021/2022 (Sep-21 to May-22) Season Age Group Respect Tables :

Max average is 300 as we only extract the marks for :
          Behaviour of players from opposition? (1-100)
          Behaviour of supporters from opposition? (1-100)
          Behaviour of coach/manager from opposition? (1-100)
If you do not mark the opposition then you get half the marks that the opposition awarded you (30-150 down to 15-75)
If the opposition did not mark your team then you get full marks of three hundred unless you did not mark them, then you get half of zero (0) = zero (0).


Team’s Whole Game Systems infringements for Cautions, Sending offs and Misconduct will receive a penalty of minus twenty points (-20) for each Caution, minus forty points (-30) for each Sending off and minus fifty points (-50) for each Misconduct

Fair Play/Respect Marks

Sep-21 to May-22

    Age Group Fair Play/ Respect Marks Winners


Team - Age Group Respect Marks

Sep-21 to May-22

Sep-21 to May-22

    Format 5v5 U7s Sections U8s Sections
    Format 7v7 U9s Sections U10s Sections
    Format 9v9 U11s Sections U12s Divisions


Team -Age Group Respect Marks

Sep-21 to May-22

Sep-21 to May-22

Sep-21 to May-22

    Format 11v11 U13s Sections/Divisions U14s Divisions U15s Divisions
    Format 11v11 U16s Divisions U17s Divisions U18s Divisions

Respect is The Football Association’s direct response to a clear message from the grassroots game: We must improve standards of behaviour – on and off the field.’

Respect within The Football Association is aimed at helping us all to work together to change the negative attitudes and abusive behaviour on the sidelines and on the pitch. It’s a long-term commitment, but if we all play our part, together we can really make a difference.

In 2020/21 the implementation of Respect in East Berks Youth Football League was defined in 5 practical  sections:

Respect Codes of Conduct

There is a Code of Conduct for each of the main types of football participant:

• Players

• Spectators and Parents/Carers

• Coaches, Team Managers and Club Officials

• Match Officials – Referees, Assistant referees, Fourth Officials and Substitute Referees.

Designated Spectators’ Area/Line

There will be a demarcated area along the touchlines, within which spectators must stay or remain behind. The idea is to encourage parents and spectators to take a step back from the pitch and support the teams in a more responsible manner.

Pitch Areas

The EBFA League recommend the following pitch areas for fixture participates.


The EBFA League recommend the following pitch areas for fixture participates (Restricted space on one side of the pitch).

Captain Taking Responsibility U14s-U18s

There will be a drive to enhance captaincy skills, encouraging captains to take full responsibility for their players’ actions and behaviour. Referee managing the game  and there will be a similar drive to enhance referees’ match management skills to create an environment where potential problems are addressed before they escalate.

Support Referees

Respect aims to support referees to uphold the Laws of the Game.

Breaches of Spectators’ area/line will be reported to the Managers – Serious breaches shall be reported to the League and will be reviewed by the EBFA Regulation and Rules Sub-Committee.

Respect ‘Before Kick Off’

Before the commencement of the match the following procedures must be followed:

a)   Home Team prepares pitch ( Nets, Corner Flag, Spectator/Respect area/line, Grass Surface inspection (Animal Faeces).

b)   Home team to welcome Away team via Manager/Captain (U14s - U18s) visiting opposing team.

c)   Referee inspects the pitch for safety and compliance (Fit to Play).

d)   Referee meet assistance club line persons

e)   Managers/Coaches implement procedure for verification of Player Identity Cards and Team Sheet verification

g)   Referee performs separate Team briefing of Manager/Coaches and players on their requirements for the games. (Captain Taking Responsibility U14s-U18s)

h)   Players and officials perform a Respect line-up and handshake procedure on the centre line.

i)    Managers/Coaches to enforce spectator area/line.

j)    Referee to inform League of breaches.

k)   NOBODY is allowed to encroach onto the pitch.      

Policy on Cyber bullying - PDF